Melancholy Chp 12

     Music. Isn’t it odd that something so simple can save you, help you express yourself, or just give you something to think of. Music doesn’t have to have lyrics. It can pass the language barrier. It’s a form of communication way beyond anything else. Music. It’s something that I couldn’t live without.  -RuixRui

Melancholy Chp 10

     I hate being envious. I am right now. I find it petty. Really petty. Why? Because I’m envious of the world of fiction. I’ve sunk that low. I just want to live in a world where that won’t care that I’m me. -RuixRui 

Happy birthday~ … you know who I’m talking to. I hope you have a good birthday. Even though I won’t get the chance to tell you in person, happy birthday. I know that you’ll probably never read this, but it’s the thought that counts… Happy birthday.