REQUEST: Crush x Reader-At the Dance

This fanfic is a request from my friend Miso~

     You and c/n were only a few feet away from each other in the crowed part of the room. You both caught each other’s gaze and suddenly turned the other way out of embarrassment. You were face to face with your crush and didn’t know what to say.
     It was getting a bit awkward till he finally looked at you, not taking his gaze off of you. He smiled at you, trying his best to not make the moment too awkward. You awkwardly smiled back. You were turning red, you could feel it. You could feeling yourself slowly growing red with every second that passed while he was looking at you.
     He then suddenly made eye contact with you. You couldn’t bring yourself to look away. You thought that c/n just looked amazing, light-up tie and all. He then took a big gulp.
     “Y/n, would you l-like to dance?” You stared at him wide eyed for a split second.
     “S-sure…” You stuttered. He then slowly started to dance awkwardly. You couldn’t help but want to laugh. (Mostly because you were nervous.) You soon started to sway a bit to the beat of the music.
     He smiled once he saw you moving to the music. It was a cute nervous smile. You smiled back nervously as well.
     “You have a cute smile!” He called out, trying to get his voice over the music.
     “Huh?” You hollered.
     “You have a cute smile!” He called out once again. You heard him this time. You turned so red you didn’t want to even think about how red you were.
     “Thank you!” You called back. C/n flashed you a smile that made you want to melt. You couldn’t take any more of it. It was too much for you to handle. You were beyond nervous.
     Just as you were about to holler a compliment, a slow song came on. You suddenly turned red all over because of what the situation had come to. You saw him turn a bit red as well. He then took a deep breath and looked at you.
     “Y/n… m-may I have this dance…?” The tip of his ears were red. He was totally utterly nervous. You were too embarrassed to say anything so you just nodded slightly. He then held out one of his hands and bowed ever so slightly.
     “M-m-my lad-dy…” He said awkwardly. You took his hand. You felt so utterly awkward and embarassed as you took his hand. You hoped that c/n wouldn’t say anything about yor slightly sweaty hand, but to your surprise, his hand was a bit sweaty as well.
     He then flashed you a cute nervous smile and tried to put his hand on your waist. You guys tried to get in position, but it was reallyyy awkward. He then settled and slowly started to sway. You started to sway as well, synchronizing your movements with him.
     You both soon started dancing instead of swaying. It was really messy, but you weren’t focused on that. You were focused on c/n, the love of your life, the person holding you tightly while swaying to the beat of the music. You were melting in his grip, and thought of nothing but him.
    The song was slowly coming to an end, you could feel it. You didn’t want the song to end. You wanted this moment to last forever. You held his hand a bit tighter and moved a little closer. The song slowly came to and end. You both felt really awkward, not sure wjat to do next.
     He was still holding you. You were turning really really red, you could feel it. He then did something totally unexpected. He then leaned in for a quick kiss. He sloppily pressed his lips up against yours. You were beyond surprised. He then quickly broke from the short and steamy kiss and was redder than ever. He put his hand on the back of his head and shook a little.
     “S-sorry. I-I just got caught up in the m-moment. For-forive m-”
     “It’s not like I hated it or a-anything…” You said while looking down at the floor. You slowly looked up at him. He had one hand to his lips.
     “We a-are married aftet all… right?” You said jokingly.
     “Y-you’ve right…” He said. He smiled at you. You felt dizzy from it all. An upbeat song was on and you started dancing first. He then started moving to be music as well. You stilled couldn’t believe it. C/n actually liked you back. And he was actually brave enough to prove it.


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