Made a Mistake by Trying to Avoid One

     I’m always afraid of making a mistake. Perhaps that’s why I always seem to miss my chance. This time, I lost my chance… big time. You never looked back… All the looks I ever get now are looks of guilt. I was just too afraid to mess up. But I guess I made it worse by not taking a risk. And it’s not because I wasn’t trying, because believe me, I was all over it, worrying that I’d mess up. And I guess I did. Ties are cut, suddenly, reasons blurry. Maybe I made it worse by not wishing to mess up…

“Love is like a one on one fighting game, waiting fot the other to make the first move.”

     Sometimes waiting will take too long. It may be over by then…

“I feel weird… it’s like watching a super good anime and it ends suddenly. It was so good that you can’t bring yourself to feel bad, but you don’t feel happpy about it either. You wish there was more…”

     I feel empty now. And I’m still confused. You turn your head every time we pass each other by. Maybe I’ll never know the reason. Maybe I’ll never talk to you again. Maybe I’ll never forget the small things that happened with our time together. 

     And a small part of me, doesn’t wish to forget. Doesn’t want things to end this way…


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